Interrumpir en reuniones de negocios

Reuniones de negocios, sí, los tenemos todos. Son importantes para hacer funcionar a nuestros negocios, proyectos etcétera. Si participamos en este tipo de reunión, obviamente queremos poder participar de forma activa en los mismos, de forma educada y correcta. Interrumpir en reuniones es una habilidad importante que debe ser practicada. En esta entrada, le quiero …

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My Morning Routine

On many websites, I have read that it is good to have a morning routine. Many of them are, of course, lifestyle websites and channels on YouTube. I believe in having a routine as well. Now, if you look to explain it to someone, then you, naturally, need the vocabulary to do so. If you’d …

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Leyendo el Green

Reading the green is an important part of our golf game. In this video we give some vocabulary to help you around the green.