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Time/Time, The Silent “e”

clases de ingles, golfThis lone letter at the end of the word (pun intended), the “e”, it changes the pronunciation of the word completely. In this video, we explain how it works.

But not only do we want to explain. We would like to invite you to do a speaking exercise:

Send us a recording of yourself pronouncing the following words and we will send you some feedback to let you know how you have done. Keep in mind, the vowels become long!

On/one, us/use, hat/hate, tap/tape, at/ate, mat/mate, sit/site, cap/cape, at/ate, quit/quite, win/wine.

Please send your recording to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I hope this helps you a bit and I wish you good luck. Until the next article:


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