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Swing Thoughts

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Swing Thoughts?

Have you ever heard of the English golf term “swing thoughts“? If you watch Mark Crossfield, you are sure to have heard him speak about these. He actually dedicated a complete video of his to the topic of swing thoughts. But also if you watch Rick Shiels or Me and My Golf.

What are Swing Thoughts?

Maybe you are still wondering what to call them in Spanish. Well, I would translate the term as “pensamientos de swing“.

Ever looked at the ball and thought: girar, desgirar, girar, desgirar. Well, that is a swing thought. In English, by the way, we speak about turning.

So, a swing thought is that thought that you have when you are making your swing, mostly something you need to focus on.


So, some examples of swing thought that I usually have? And believe me, I have quite a few as I am absolutely not a good golfer:

  • Finish the swing – Termina el swing. I have this problem very often and it comes together with:
  • Turn your hips! – Girar. Explained this one before, I hope.
  • Eyes on the ball! – Mira la pelota. How many people make this mistake?
  • Don’t try to kill it! – No lo intentes matar. The ball is dead and this is closely related to:
  • Let the club do the work! – Deja que el palo haga su trabajo.

Here are some interesting “swing thoughts” you can have. Usually, I don’t leave the comment section open but this time, it is. So if you have any comments, feel free to write some and maybe give some ideas on the topic as well.

I hope this helps you a bit and I wish you good luck. Until the next article:


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English for Caddie Masters

Y aquí está, INGLÉS PARA CADDIE MASTERS. El libro de inglés de 11 capítulos creado especificamente para el trabajo diario de los caddie master que tienen que y quieren poder interactuar con visitantes. Visitantes que no hablan su idioma y que prefieren comunicar en inglés. Trata de diferentes temas como: dar la bienvenida, hacer reservas y explicar como puede hacerse miembro de su club. Está completamente pensada para poder comunicarse de forma hablada. Con frases sencillas aptos para todos independiente del nivel de inglés que tiene. Cada capitulo contiene vocabulario, frases hechas de forma sencilla y ejemplos de conversación para usted poder practicar. ¿Donde encontrarlo? El libro se vende en Amazon por el increíble precio de €3,99. Ademas puede verlo en nuestra página web pinchando aquí. 


Y no solo existe el libro, además tenemos el curso de inglés para caddie master. Basado en el libro, son 10 clases de media hora por teléfono. Si desee más información, aquí encuentra toda la información acerca del curso.

3 Types of Rain For Your Golf Round

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Photo by Corey Agopian on Unsplash

The last couple of weeks, we have seen a lot of rain in Madrid and in Spain, and boy did we need it. However, this has made our rounds of golf somewhat complicated, who likes to get wet when playing golf for 4 hours of more. It is, however, part of the game; maybe not in Spain, but it is in many other countries. As Larry David said: “Weathermen merely forecast rain to keep everyone else off the golf course.”

Now, having said that, with your permission, I would like to give you three different words that you can use to describe rain when you are playing that round of golf.


This may be the most problematic type of rain. The drops are small but there are many, and they won’t stop falling. When you are outside for a long time, drizzle can get you very wet and, with some bad luck, soaking wet because you don’t really notice that is it falling. But your clothes take the water and slowly it goes deeper and deeper. After four hours or more of golf, you will have a serious problem.


Yes, rain is a type of rain as well. Actually, I need to specify that I am talking about precipitation and rain is a kind of precipitation. It is what we see mostly. Drops of water falling from the sky, we get wet but, an umbrella or good quality rain clothes will save the day. Even in Spain we see this. In other words, this is the normal type of rain.


This is the worst of all. This is when we really don’t want to stay outside. The heavens have opened and the amount of water falling is incredible. With some bad luck, it is quickly impossible to play golf due to little puddles forming all over the course, especially if the draining system is not that good.


Now that I have given you these three words, I would like to ask you this question: With what type of precipitation do you typically stop playing golf? Do you continue playing with a downpour of do you stop even with a drizzle.

Please let us know on our social media by using the hashtag #tjenglishgolf

I hope this helps you a bit and I wish you good luck. Until the next article:



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