Swing Thoughts

Swing Thoughts

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Have you ever heard of the English golf term «swing thoughts«? If you watch Mark Crossfield, you are sure to have heard him speak about these. He actually dedicated a complete video of his to the topic of swing thoughts. But also if you watch Rick Shiels or Me and My Golf.

What are Swing Thoughts?

Maybe you are still wondering what to call them in Spanish. Well, I would translate the term as «pensamientos de swing«.

Ever looked at the ball and thought: girar, desgirar, girar, desgirar. Well, that is a swing thought. In English, by the way, we speak about turning.

So, a swing thought is that thought that you have when you are making your swing, mostly something you need to focus on.


So, some examples of swing thought that I usually have? And believe me, I have quite a few as I am absolutely not a good golfer:

  • Finish the swing – Termina el swing. I have this problem very often and it comes together with:
  • Turn your hips! – Girar. Explained this one before, I hope.
  • Eyes on the ball! – Mira la pelota. How many people make this mistake?
  • Don’t try to kill it! – No lo intentes matar. The ball is dead and this is closely related to:
  • Let the club do the work! – Deja que el palo haga su trabajo.

Here are some interesting «swing thoughts» you can have. Usually, I don’t leave the comment section open but this time, it is. So if you have any comments, feel free to write some and maybe give some ideas on the topic as well.

I hope this helps you a bit and I wish you good luck. Until the next article:


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