Practice Your English – Irish European Tour Players

Are you looking to continuously improve your English? Then the adage is practice, practice, practice. I would like to invite you to do this and hereby, I present you with a means, some exercises.

Irish European Tour Players

Ireland is one of those countries we think about when it comes to golf. I have friends here in Spain who often discuss traveling to the country and enjoy golf and «other activities».

But what is Ireland doing when it comes to golf? Where have the Irish tour players gone? Philip Reid asks himself this question as well in The Irish Times. In today’s exercise, this is the article we read.

Reading and Questions

The questions are based on the before mentioned article in The Irish Times which you can read by clicking here. Here are the questions:

  • Numbers of Irish players what? And what does that mean?
  • How many players held tour cards back in 1996?
  • What is the first reason given for it being more complicated for Irish players to obtain such a card?
  • What, according to Mr. Reid, is the role of the Golfing Union of Ireland?

Your Ideas

There are so many things we could ask you to write about regarding this Ryder Cup. We would like to ask you to be creative and give us an opinion you have. Maybe about the result of the picks made by the European captain, maybe about the comments made by Phil Mickelson after the tournament. Maybe you would like to say something about the results of the Spanish participants.

Send us an email explaining in about 250 words your ideas on the questions above. Send it to with the subject «Practice Your English – Ryder Cup» and we will respond as soon as possible with feedback on your writing.


  • The numbers have dwindled which means that they have dropped gradually.
  • 13 players held tour card at that moment.
  • More players from different countries are obtaining spots on the tour, the competition is growing making it more complicated for Irish players.
  • Its role is to govern the sport of golf, for men, in Ireland.

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