Scoring Your Match in Golf

It is not often that we use the match play system in golf. But with friends, it can be funny to do so. I myself enjoy it quite a bit as I’m progressing with my skills.

So how do you score the game?

Scoring Terminology

Let’s first have a look at the different terms we need to use:

  • All square (A/S). All matches begin like this. It means that both players have won the same amount of holes. It does not matter how many holes were played.
  • Up/ down. Assuming you are beating your friend and have won more holes. You are up. It is combined with a number. So, you are on the 3rd hole, you won 2 and your friend 1, then you are 1 up. Your friend is 1 down as he or she lost 1 more hole than you did.
  • Halve. This is what happens when both of you need the same amount of strokes to finish a hole.
  • 2 and 1 (for example). Now it becomes interesting. You hole the 17th hole out and you are now 2 up. Why play the last two holes? Your friend will not win the match. So, you are 2 up, 1 hole to go. The match ended early.
  • Dormie. A dormie is when your friend can still halve the match. for example, you are starting the 17th hole and you are 2 up. If he, or she, wins both holes, the match is tied and maybe you want to play another hole. Or you just head to the bar and that’s it.

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