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Practice Your English – The Open and it’s Influence

Are you looking to improve your English continuously? Then the adage is practice, practice, practice your English.

I would like to invite you to do this and hereby, I present you with a way to do so: some exercises.

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Phenomenal Interest Open 2019

This year, the 148th Open Championship, The Open, will take place and for the first time in many years, it will return to Northern Ireland.

The organizers are of the opinion that something “phenomenal” happened, something that gets me as a golf lover excited as well.

Reading and Questions

The questions of today’s Practice your English exercise come from an article from Irish Examiner. It should not be too difficult could take you about 10 minutes to read, depending on your level. You can read the article by clicking here.

  • What happened 10 months before the event takes place?
  • How many visitors does the organization expect?
  • What is the expected economic impact in Pounds?
  • What can you not buy?
  • How large is Northern Ireland golf tourism industry?
  • How important were the members of the club?

Your Ideas

Now that you read the article and answered the questions, how did you do by the way, what do you think? Do you think tournaments like this are positive for the area where they are being held? In addition, do you agree that golf is an important part of tourism? Keep in mind that of the 82 million tourists visiting Spain in 2017, 1 million came because of golf.

Of course, tell us how you see the Open de España, which will be played from 3-6 October this year?

Send us an email explaining in about 400 words what your ideas are, how you feel about the points mentioned and send it to … with the subject: Practice your English – The Open and It’s Influence. We will respond as soon as possible with comments.

Answer Key

  • The event sold out completely, only tickets for practice day are left
  • They expect 190.000 people will walk through the gates
  • It is predicted that the will be a boost of 80 million Pounds into the region
  • The level of exposure that the tournament is expected to bring to the area.
  • Currently, it is 40 million Pounds annually.
  • Without the members of the club, many necessary changes would not have been made.

Before we forget it. Would you be interested in more exercises? Maybe the last ones before these?

The last one was about Irish Tour Players.

Siempre le decimos que la practica del inglés es muy importante y que es algo constante. Si desee aprender más o incluso le interesa aprender inglés jugando al golf, no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros.

Esperamos que le ha ayudado este artículo y esperamos volver a verle en el siguiente. Hasta entonces:

Don’t forget to practice!