Open de España 2019

Practice Your English – Open de España 2019

Are you looking to improve your English continuously? Then the adage is practice, practice, practice your English.

I would like to invite you to do this and hereby, I present you with a way to do so: some exercises. Today it’s about the Open de España 2019.

The Open de España 2019

It is going to happen, there will be another Open de España in 2019. Not only that, there will be one until 2023! Do you what to know why? Well, that is what this exercise is all about!

Reading and Questions

Today’s article comes straight from the European Tour Website. Read the article carefully, this one is also about the promotion of golf in Spain!

  • What is the role of Madrid Trophy Promotion?
  • Gerard Tsobanian makes a comparison with the Mutua Open de Madrid, why?
  • What is the reason for mentioning Seve Ballesteros?
  • Why does Jon Rahm thank the Federation so much?
  • 50.000 people?

Your Ideas

Your turn to do something. Write your ideas about this tournament and this news, will you go, what do you think, is this good for Spanish golf, in an email of about 150 words and send it to me at I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Answer Key

  • They are the new partner in the organization of the event.
  • Because the goal is similar
  • To explain the importance of Spain in the history of the European Tour
  • Multiple reasons but mostly, gratitude
  • That was the amount of people visiting the tournament last year

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