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Practice Your English – Nacho Elvira

Are you looking to improve your English continuously? Then the adage is practice, practice, practice your English.

I would like to invite you to do this and hereby, I present you with a way to do so: some exercises.

Maybank Championship

Last weekend, the Maybank Open was played in Kuala Lumpur. And on Saturday morning, the moment of writing this exercise, Nacho Elvira, has a two-shot lead going into the last round.

This means he has a possibility to win the tournament and with that his first European Tour title.

Reading and Questions

So, today’s questions of Practice Your English are about Nacho Elvira and his lead. The article I would like you to read is this article from Golf 365.

  • How close did Nacho come in 2016?
  • He wasn’t able to do what in 2017 and 2018?
  • What happened to Nacho on the 11th hole?
  • What is happening with his swing?
  • How far behind are the people who are in third place?

Your Ideas

As we always publish our posts on Monday, you already know the result, I, at the moment of writing don’t and I find it interesting to keep it that way.

So, I would like to invite you to write about Spanish golf on an international level. Currently, there are quite a few Spanish golfers at the top level of golf due to which, I believe there enough to write about.

Please write a short opinion of about 200 words. Send it to info@tjenglishgolf with the subject line Practice Your English – Nacho Elvira. We will respons as soon as possible with comments.

Answer Key

  • The article says he came within a whisker. Meaning he came very close.
  • He wasn’t able to notch up a win. Meaning he wasn’t able to put it on his record.
  • He dropped his first shot on the 11th hole. His first bogey.
  • He is very happy with his swing right now.
  • They are 3 strokes behind Nacho Elvira.

Before we forget it. Would you be interested in more exercises? Maybe the last ones before these?

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Siempre le decimos que la practica del inglés es muy importante y que es algo constante. Si desee aprender más o incluso le interesa aprender inglés jugando al golf, no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros.

Esperamos que le ha ayudado este artículo y esperamos volver a verle en el siguiente. Hasta entonces:

Don’t forget to practice!