parts of the golf club

Parts of the Golf Club

parts of the golf club
Golfer with Club

The golf club, the tool we use the most when performing our favorite activity. But what are the different term of this tool, the golf club? Do you know? And do you know in English? In our blog today, we would like to tell you a little bit more about the different parts of the golf club.

In this article, we use phonetic symbols to show you how to pronounce different words. In this article, we use US pronunciation and if you would like to know more about phonetic symbols, please click here.

The Vocabulary Basics

A golf club, in its basics, consists of three parts, and this is the same for all club. If we have a look at the picture of the golfer, next to this text, you can see she holds a club in her hand. From right to left, starting at her hands, the three parts of the club are:

  • The grip /grɪp/ – the part you hold in your hands. Please be careful of saying /graip/ or /greep/.
  • The shaft /ʃæft/ – the part between the grip and the head. This is pronounced like the movie Shaft.
  • The head /hɛd/ – the part that actually hit the ball. The pronunciation is the same as the head on your shoulders.

Shaft Vocabulary

So, the basics are the basics. But a good golf club consists of more parts than just the grip, shaft and head. The shaft, for example, comes in different varieties of stiffness /ˈstɪfnəs/:

  • L – Ladies /ˈleɪdiz/
  • A – Senior /ˈsinjər/
  • R – Regular /ˈrɛgjələr/
  • F – Firm /fɜrm/
  • X – Extra Firm /ˈɛkstrə fɜrm/
  • S – Stiff /stɪf/

    The parts of the head

Head Vocabulary

Now the head of the golf club, the part everybody is interested in because that is how we hit our ball 250 meters. (We don’t, but some do.)

 We have decided to give you a picture of the vocabulary of the head so it becomes easier to also attach the word to the part, we thought it would be easier. This does not keep us from our responsibility of showing you how to pronounce these different words:

  • Hosel /ˈhəʊz(ə)l/
  • Heel /hil/
  • Toe /toʊ/
  • Face /feɪs/
  • Cavity /ˈkævəti/
  • Sole /soʊl/

I hope this helps you a bit and I wish you good luck. Until the next article:


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