New Year’s Resolution?

The new year is on its way. Have you already written a New Year’s Resolution or more? (resolucion del año nuevo).  Stop smoking, going to the gym, learning a new language, getting your handicap below 10!

Unfortunately, we also know most people don’t get very far with these resolutions, in the UK, 80% of the people didn’t even make it for three months. Three months! So, by the end of March, 80% of the people who had resolutions will have given up!

Now, I am not looking to dive into the details of the how and the why, it’s better to solve the problem I think.

So practice!

Here comes the reason for the title of today’s blog and why practicing should be your New Year’s Resolution. If your goal this year is to learn a language, make your resolution more concrete: Set a practice goal and set it as high as possible! And then? Well, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, AND PRACTICE, of course. Listen to the ratio, watch TV, read books and make sure it’s all in English.

Even more interesting, locate the closest location for foreigners to have their after work cañas and start making friends. If you can make even more of it, better (yes, I am telling you that having an intimate relationship helps as long as neither of you is committed!). So make friends, in order to be able to practice in a natural environment, don’t force it. Don’t ask people to teach you and don’t be scared of making mistakes. I am sure you will make them, I make mistakes and I’m an English teacher!

Get it moving

Practicing is the best way to improve your skills, any skill, as you basically do the same thing as sports people. Tiger Woods didn’t become the player he is because he studied golf, not even because he spent so much time on the driving range. He is the golfer he is because he put in (el hizo) the rounds. He went onto the course and played.

Now, you go to that bar and practice!

I hope this helps you a bit and I wish you good luck. Until the next article:


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