Golf course tee box

The Golf Course from Tee to Hole

When we travel to a foreign country, or a golf course in another country, it is always goof to know some words in English. And we, at TJ English Golf, believe that knowing the vocabulary of the actual hole, is basic information we should share with you. So, in today’s post, we will do so.

In today’s post, I am making use of phonetics and therefore the international phonetic alphabet. The vocabulary will be shown in American General English.

Teeing Area

The area of the golf course where we begin each hole in golf, is called «the tee box» /ðə ti bɑks/, also known as the «teeing ground» /ˈtiɪŋ graʊnd/. This is where we tee the ball up and drive it.

We typically do this between a set of «tee markers» /ti ˈmɑrkərz/ which can be in different colors, for example red or yellow.

So, the vocabulary:

  • Tee Box
  • Teeing Ground
  • Tee Markers

The Fairway

Golf course fairway

The next area we come to on our round of golf, is «the fairway» /ˈfɛrˌweɪ/, at least, this is where you are supposed to go. This is the area where the grass is nicely maintained.

The difficulty most golfers have with this area is not the fairway itself, it’s the area around it. The place just right next to it, where the grass is a little bit longer. Just long enough to make our next swing a little bit more complicated. This area is called «the rough» /rʌf/.

So, the vocabulary here:

  • Fairway
  • Rough

The Green

Golf course green

After too many shots on the fairway, we finally get close to the destination of the hole.

But maybe you’re not there yet, completely. Maybe, your ball is on «the fringe» /ðə frɪnʤ/. This is the area of grass that is just a bit longer then our destination. It look like a ring of protection around, «the green» /ðə grin/. This is the space where we take our putter from the bag. The grass here is beautiful, short, fast, perfect.

The rules have recently changed, so not it is no longer needed to take «the flag» /ðə flæg/ out. You can easily leave it in.

And lastly, the ball goes into «the hole» /ðə hoʊl/. The little cup, in the middle of the green, where we all want our balls to end. At last, you can move on the the next hole, or the bar, if this was the 18th.

So, the vocabulary:

  • Fringe
  • Green
  • Flag
  • Hole

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