Spanglish, you are not alone in this world

Have you ever heard the term "Spanglish"? I'm pretty sure you have. And if you are learning English, chances of you having spoken it ar considerable. And if you're ware of it, it's even possible that you have apologized for making this type of errors.

I see many who are even ashamed of it due to the "what will they think of me if I speak this badly."

Honestly, in my opinion, there is nothing to lose face over. Firstly, you're not the only one speaking Spanglish. Secondly, in the US, there is a real subculture forming around "Spanglish".


Spanglish as a macaronic language

What is a macaronic language? Well, Spanglish is simply an example of one. Macaronic languages are languages formed when two different one collide. And this happens quite a bit in the world. The ones with English are the most common as the whole world is learning it. As a result, the whole world is also incorporating aspects of their mother tongue into the second.

So, we don't only have "Spanglish", there is also "Chinglish", which is the combination of Chinese and English. What about "Franglais", French and English. And as mentioned, it doesn't only happen with English. "Portuñol" is spoken at the border between Spain and Portugal.

A macaronic language is the first step into the development of a completely new language. It still is a mix between two distinguishable tongues. The second step is a "pidgin", followed by a "creole language". And given enough time, this last one will develop into a new language.

Why I understand you

Well, the reason why I understand you are ashamed of your Spanglish is that, because you see it everywhere, you think it's the worst. That you're an idiot for not having total control over the Anglo-Saxon vernacular. Moreover, it's yours! You are convinced the comments to say something about you as a person.

Practically, you feel the embarrassment of others on yourself.

Why Spanglish should not embarrass you

On an international stage, you are not the only one suffering from this issue. You have peers on your side who, either understand you or are ignorant on their own perfection.

Furthermore, is you are having a conversation with someone who natively speaks a romance language, you might actually be able to grasp what they are trying to express in "Italiese". italiese.

What you do need to keep in mind is the capacity to explain things in multiple ways in case you are asked to explain yourself again.

And of course, you cannot and should not forget that in this multinational situation, your interlocutors are listening to you with their macaronic ears. Meaning, it's not unthinkable they wouldn't have understood perfect English anyway. If such a thing even exists.

Bring It Together

You are not alone in this Spanglish hell. It's not necessary you apologize, people will understand you.

Thank you for reading this article. And as always: DON'T FORGET TO PRACTICE! practice!

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