English Classes for Individuals

Do you wish to improve your English level, especially the active skills? Why not learn English playing golf?

Science has proven, exercise improves learning abilities.
So why not take advantage of this knowledge to learn English?
The focus is on the use of the language, the objective is to speak English.

Weekly Classes

Driving English

  • 1 hour long classes
  • Driving range
  • Conversation while shooting balls
  • A minimum of 2 students per group

Pitching English

  • 2 hour long classes
  • A round of 9 holes PAR 29
  • Be prepared to give a quick presentation of speech
  • Green fee not included
  • A min. of 2 and max. of 3 students per group.


We can play either 9 or 18 holes, all while speaking English. This also means that a class can last between two and a half and five hours. In addition, we do it in a nice and calm environment, assuming you don't shank all the way.

As the focus is entirely on oral communication, we increase stamina, simulating a complete day of English speaking.

You will learn English in a fun, entertaining manner during the whole round. We can play it in an adapted greensome where both players on the team shoot from the best location and every third hole, we change partners.

We take advantage of Madrid holidays to enjoy these days.

Traditional Classes

In person classes

If golf is not your thing, maybe you would prefer 'traditional' classes in a space where you are comfortable.
You can receive your classes individually or in a group.

Clases online

If you travel often or generally have problems having in person classes, our remote classes can be your solution. they can take place by phone or any type of online software, Skype, Zoom, etc.
Of course, you can receive your classes individually or in a group.

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