Revenue, and other interesting vocabulary for your company

Revenue, a key word in our companies, something we love speaking about. Even more when we speak about our business's finances. So, when we want to speak about these topics in English, what would be the appropriate vocabulary?

In this post, I'd like to share some words related to "Revenue".

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Let's start with this word "Revenue". And, it is the total amount of products or services that you sold in a given time, times the prices of those products or services. For example, if I sell a box and that box is five Euro, then my revenue has been five Euro.

A colloquial term you could use is "TOP-LINE". The reason being that, it is the line at the top of our income statement.

Which brings us to the next word, "INCOME STATEMENT". This is the overview of all sources of income and costs over a specific period of time.

Now that we know what the "revenue" of our company is, we have to keep in mind this is of course before "COST". Costs are all the expenses that a company has. Payroll, marketing, rent, etc.

And now that we have these two key words "revenue" and "cost", we can create a simple formula to create three more. And it appears a bit off, but yes, we can make a formula with words.

When we subtract cost from revenue, we are left with the "NET INCOME" of our company. And this "net income" can be two different things: "PROFIT" or "LOSS", depending on which one is larger, "revenue" or "cost".

And in the same way, there is a colloquial term for "revenue", there is one for "net income" as well. And considering it is at the bottom of our "income statement", we call it the "BOTTOM-LINE".

And just a bit of additional information. "Revenue" is of businesses only. Private people have an "income", which is all money coming into their bankaccounts.

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