English Learning for Companies

In this globalized world, English is indispensable, also in your company.

In your business, you have the right to communicate well, also in a language that is not your first.
This is why, at TJ English Golf, we have developed solutions to obtain this goal.


Do you give presentations or participate in events that last a day or more? Speaking English for an hour is not the same as doing it for one or more complete days.

With the TJ English Golf Days, our goal is to prepare you for that second event. And, a marathon is trained differently from a sprint, right?

Our focus is based on communication and listening, simulating an entire day of speaking.

We can play either 9 or 18 holes, all while speaking English. This also means that a class can last from two and a half hours to five. In addition, we do it in a nice and calm environment, assuming you don't shank all the way.

You will learn English in a fun, entertaining manner during the whole round. We can play it in an adapted greensome where both players on the team shoot from the best location and every third hole, we change partners.


Do you need to work on a more specific issue? Preparation of a presentation, a meeting, an email or even team or departments meetings in English? With our consultancy, we can help you with these more precise projects.

It can be as small as writing an email, as large a preparing a presentation. The goal is to do it in your best English.

Receive our consultancy where and when you need. Either in person or remotely.

If in person, one of our consultants will meet with you where you need them.

Remotely, platforms such as Google Drive, MS Teams, Zoom, etc. enable us to assist you wherever you are. 

In Person Classes

Due to English being an important part of our lives, learning it in a more structured way can help your company secure good communication long term.

Classes can take place individually as well as in groups, depending on your needs.

Our flexibility will help you improve your English skills.

Clases online

Nowadays, a substantial part of communication takes place by phone or on online platforms. Especially telephone classes, where there is a total lack of non-verbal communication, is intensive and effective. It is completely focused on understanding your speaking partner.

Es una forma estructurada de aprender el idioma aunque con más intensidad. La gran ventaja es el aumento en fléxibilidad. Estés donde estés, clases online siempre las puedes recibir.

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