¿Cómo se dice…?

Aprender un idioma es un proceso que toma tiempo. Obviamente recibir clases es una parte del proceso. Tener un profesor que le enseña palabras nuevas, la gramática, etc. Otra parte importante del proceso es hacer preguntas. Siempre tenemos dudas de diferentes palabras, o no recordamos como expresar ideas. También puede ser que estamos hablando y …

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 In this blog, and video, we will talk about abbreviations which we may find at work. ASAP As soon as possible. This means that things need to get done as soon as possible. How to use it: Get it done ASAP! N/A Not applicable. I have very little to add actually. How to use it: …

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Sound better, avoid «very»

Nowadays, the word «very» is widely used. It is, however, simple to use and, in my opinion, boring and lazy. You are not very tired, you are exhausted. Someone is not very cold, someone is freezing. Using different vocabulary will make you sound brilliant and that should be something to strive for. So, have a …

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My Morning Routine

On many websites, I have read that it is good to have a morning routine. Many of them are, of course, lifestyle websites and channels on YouTube. I believe in having a routine as well. Now, if you look to explain it to someone, then you, naturally, need the vocabulary to do so. If you’d …

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