Building Englsih Speaking Stamina

Building English Speaking Stamina

Have you ever gone to an event that lasted more than half a day, where you needed to speak English constantly and consistently? How did you feel after the first day? I bet you felt really tired.

I often hear my students say that when they have to speak English for a longer period, they become exhausted after a few hours. Actually, I have seen people simply switch off after little more than two hours of using the language. They simply didn’t have the stamina to use the language for such a period of time.

In this blog post, I would like to compare the speaking of the language with running (a sprint or marathon).

Marathon or Sprint When Speaking English

In the English teaching world, in my experience, it is common to have two classes per week of one hour, maybe 2. Longer situations might happen every once in a while, you receive a presentation training of a couple of hours or something similar. But, does this prepare you for the ability of managing English a full day? Or, multiple days even. Because, when you need English for work, sometimes that is what happens.

I see this way of preparation as if you were preparing for a sprint. You have short sessions, where you do some speaking. It is not the same as preparing well for a 3-day conference. «The marathon». Just like in running, you need to have longer training sessions to be able to run a marathon. So why would you expect to be able to prepare for a conference by having 1-hour classes, right?

Our Specials Building Stamina

The issue explained above is the reason we offer our “specials” for private people and for companies.  Because I not only believe in improving your English, I believe that you should be well prepared for more, and by more, I mean longer. In business, we have many five-minute phone calls, but you also have one-hour phone calls and the aforementioned 3-day conferences. You need to build up the stamina to be able to “survive” them. That is why I want to take you onto a golf course.

If speaking English is difficult enough as it is, and you are tired after a round of golf, imagine what would happen when we combine the two. Sure, maybe you would not have the stamina to speak English the full 18 holes. That is OK, it is something we will work on.

I have been playing golf like this with people and they did have problems with speaking English the full round, for the simple reason they couldn’t. After nine holes they were tired and therefore we decided to continue speaking Spanish. It took about five rounds more to speak English during the full 18 and my Lord, they wouldn’t stop speaking after that.

What a Day Looks Like

There are several ways of filling in a «special» like this but this is what our ideal day looks like. We meet at a central point. From that moment on, English is the obligatory language to speak, no excuses. Together, preferably, in one vehicle, we drive to the golf course. In the car, we get to know each other a bit better, unless we already know each other. Small talk, in English. Then we arrive at the course. We warm up, play our round and maybe even enjoy some food and drinks after. All in English!

I have just described the ideal day. There are many options and things we can do, it’s all in the details.

There are many options.

En la academia de inglés TJ English Golf creemos que cada uno tiene el derecho de comunicarse bien,
en un idioma extranjero.

Si desee aprender más o incluso le interesa aprender inglés jugando al golf, no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros. Hasta entonces:

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