Practice Your English – Ryder Cup

Are you looking to continuously improve your English? Then the adage is practice, practice, practice. I would like to invite you to do this and hereby, I present you with a means, some exercises.

The Ryder Cup

Yes yes, we know. It’s has been a week already, but can’t we really enjoy this one? Europe winning the Ryder Cup with such a big score and in great fashion. And yes, we at TJ English Golf are also proud of the result, of course, we are, Go Team Europe! And let’s be honest, 17,5 against 10,5, right?

So why not have some exercises on this topic. Many can have their opinions and we would love to know them.

Reading and Questions

The questions are based on an article in The Guardian which you can read by clicking here. Here are the questions:

  • Why did the Americans need to “tip their caps”?
  • How did Phil Mickelson earn his place in history?
  • What was so important about Jon Rahm?
  • Why have the critics of Thomas Brørn been silenced?

Your Ideas

There are so many things we could ask you to write about regarding this Ryder Cup. We would like to ask you to be creative and give us an opinion you have. Maybe about the result of the picks made by the European captain, maybe about the comments made by Phil Mickelson after the tournament. Maybe you would like to say something about the results of the Spanish participants.

Send us an email explaining in about 250 words your ideas on the questions above. Send it to with the subject “Practice Your English – Ryder Cup” and we will respond as soon as possible with feedback on your writing.


  • Thomas was the better captain.
  • No other player has lost so many matches ar the Ryder Cup as he has.
  • He beat Tiger and made no mistakes at all.
  • He was criticized for his picks but they all played extremely well.

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