Practice Your English – Missing the Cut

At TJ English Golf we believe in the cliché of “practice makes perfect“. Therefore, every once in a while, we ask you to do some exercises and we will give you feedback.

Missing the Cut

Friday is always an interesting day in golf. Who will continue playing on Saturday and finish the tournament? After two days of play, the field is reduced and everyone wants to make it, everybody wants to make the cut.

We as spectators, naturally, look at the cut on Friday. But, what if there were more cuts?

From August 16-19, the Wyndham Championship was played at the Sedgefield Country Club. Not the most interesting of tournaments, but still very important. Find out why, in today’s article I would like to invite you to read and answer questions on.

Reading and Questions

The questions are based on an article in Golf Digest which you can read by clicking here. Here are the questions:

  • Why do the best players tend to stay away from the championship?
  • Why did Hurley need to finish above place 200?
  • What is Sergio Garcia’s private drama?
  • Which “game within the game” does Harris English speak about?
  • What is so important about being better than place 150?

Your Ideas

Now you have read the article, what do you think. Does the game behind the tournament interest you? Would it be interesting to pay attention to it?

Send us an email explaining in about 250 words your ideas on the questions above. Send it to with the subject “Practice Your English – Missing the Cut” and we will respond as soon as possible with feedback on your writing.


  • Players look to get some rest after the summer and before the FedEx Cup Playoff
  • Because he would at least get a place on the tour, now he has nothing.
  • He may lose a Ryder Cup position if he doesn’t play well
  • There is a tournament everybody wants to win, but you also need to play well to stay on the tour
  • If you are above that place, you have conditional PGA tour status for 2019.

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